Ekso ZeroG Tool Holder Arm - Hammers, Drills, Grinders, Impacts


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Units Available for Sale or Rental 

Help ease physical burden on construction workers.
You can complete heavy hand tool tasks with less fatigue and fewer workplace injuries with these equipment choices.


Weighing only 27 pounds Monopods are designed to support demolition tools during operation,  the  Monopod provides rivet buster support, needle scaler support, and chipping hammer support. The Monopod will also provide pneumatic lift and pneumatic support for any tool that fits the aluminum arbor mounting clamp. 


Ekso Zero G 

  • Makes heavy tools weightless
  • Works with existing tools and existing work platforms
Ekso ZeroG Tool Holder Arm Ergonomic holder for rivet buster pneumatic tools drill chipping demolition grinding ergonomic for demolition workers overhead tool holder

ZeroG Anti-Gravity Holder

Ekso ZeroG Scaffold Chipping tool holder mount to scaffold overhead chipping overhead demolition rivet buster chipping hammer ergonomic demolition worker pneumatic tool holder CP air tools rivet busters Cp Tool repair bridge rehab

ZeroG Scaffold Kit

Overhead Drilling with ZeroG tool holder arm Ekso tool support pneumatic chipping overhead construction work chipping from man lift manliift chipping demolition ergonomics

Overhead Drilling

ZeroG tool holder arm ergonomic solution overhead chipping overhead drilling overhead demolition bridge chipping rehab chipping haunches remove haunch bridge repair

ZeroG w/Impact Wrench

with Small Drill

With Small Drill

zerog tool holder restoration work overhead grinding overhead chipping demolition work rivet buster DH185 mini rivet buster t handle buster t-handle rivet buster chipping ergonomic

ZeroG w/ Grinder Mount

Tool Holder for overhead chipping overhead rivet buster holder tool arm pneumatic tool holder jack leg tool support rivet buster support chip hammer support leg ergonomic rivet buster ergo buster ergo tool holder

Monopod Tool Holder

Garage Demolition overhead chipping with monopod support toold holder ergonomic holder for pneumatic tools chipping guns hammers rivet buster holder pneumatic support for hammers ergonomic workers

Monopod Garage Demo

ergonomic tool holder rivet buster support bridge work overhead demolition drilling chipping tool holder support pneumatic

Overhead Chipping

pneumatic tool support jack leg ergonomic holder for bridge demoltion chipping with rivet buster hammers pneumatic hammer support holder ergonomic worker safety

Monopod in Scissorlift