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Explore productivity and safety efficiently with powerful excavators in South Windsor CT & West Springfield MA 

Explore our extensive range of high-quality hydraulic and top excavators, meticulously crafted using the latest in cutting-edge materials and technology. With a variety of cycle times, bucket movements, and lifting capacities, you'll have complete control at your fingertips. At Able Tool, we understand the importance of top-notch manufacturing standards, which is why we only offer the best to our clients. Whether you're looking to buy or rent an excavator, we've got you covered in both South Windsor, CT and West Springfield, MA. Our team of experts will ensure you find the perfect excavator to suit your needs and budget, so why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional excavator lineup!

Drive success on Rhode Island's construction sites with Able Tool reliable heavy machinery. Our equipment is designed to withstand the toughest tasks, ensuring efficiency and durability. Contact us now to gear up!






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Able Tool  represent only the highest quality manufacturers, companies!

Which is the best fit for your project?   

Mini Excavators for rent in CT & MA. 

Weighing in at just 1180kg. Comfort at a high scale level from a minimum of effort, If your goal is to lay pipe more precisely. Its micro dimensions enable it to pass through a normal doorway - ideal if you are working with restricted access equipment. 


Mid-size excavators for rent in CT & MA. 

Range from 6–10 tons. Great choice if you work in small spaces but need more reach and power than a mini excavator. Midis can also be used on more standard projects like building construction and landscaping.   


Large excavators for rent in CT & MA. 

Range from 103,500-188,750 lbs. Perfect for digging out large building foundations, moving large amounts of material in a trenching and placing pipe. Design to do all kinds of tasks at a high speed of production.   


Mining excavators in CT & MA

Bucket capacities from 13 to 80 tones material weight, known for their exceptional performance, excellent reliability, simple operation, operator comfort, and easy serviceability. 


Great fit Machine products await for you in Connecticut & Massachusetts Able Tool excavators help you increase work efficiency by reducing material and saving your money at the same time.   


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